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Article: Meet Your Moisturiser's Superpower: Panthenol

Meet Your Moisturiser's Superpower: Panthenol

Let's talk about a little-known hero in the world of hydrating ingredients: panthenol! Wait, haven't you heard of it before? No worries; we'll give you the lowdown on this moisture-locking wonder.

So, what's the deal with panthenol in skin care?

Well, it's actually a provitamin B5, and when you apply it topically, it transforms into vitamin B5 (a.k.a. pantothenic acid). And guess what? It's not just any ordinary moisturiser; it's a multitasker! It's both a humectant, attracting and holding water in the skin, and an emollient, smoothing and softening your precious skin. It's like a hydration tag team!

Panthenol pops up in a wide range of products—from skincare to haircare to makeup—because it's just that versatile! Seriously, go check your daily essentials; panthenol is probably in there, doing its magic. It's got the same softening and shining effect on hair, which is why you'll often spot it in conditioners and leave-ins. And in makeup? Yep, you guessed it—it adds that emollient and moisturising touch!

Don't be fooled by its many aliases—provitamin B5, butanamide, and d-pantothenyl alcohol—they all lead to the same panthenol goodness!

The best part?

Most skin types will love it! Dry or flaky skin, this is your new BFF! Panthenol is well-tolerated by most, and it's not just a moisturiser—it's a pro at reducing irritation and promoting skin barrier function. Plus, it's got some nifty wound healing skills, which is why tattoo artists often suggest using it after getting inked.

How to use Panthenol in skincare | FEAT BY YOU Australia

Let's talk benefits—moisture retention?

Check! Panthenol goes deep into the skin layers, locking that precious moisture in. No more parched skin! And guess what else? It's a pro at preventing water loss from your skin, thanks to its barrier-boosting abilities. Double win!

But wait, there's more! It also has anti-inflammatory powers, calming down UV-induced redness (soo long, sunburn!) and easing itchiness for those battling dermatitis. It's like your skin's chill pill!

Now, I know what you're thinking—are there any side effects?

Not to worry, most people get along swimmingly with panthenol. Of course, allergies can happen with anything, but the chances here are pretty slim. If you're a bit concerned, a small test patch on your body before going all in is a smart move.

So, how do you use this skincare superhero?

It plays nice with most ingredients, so no need to stress about mixing and matching. Just apply it to freshly cleaned skin, after washing your face and using toner to remove dirt and grime. And since it's a frequent flyer in many products, simply follow the directions on the label for the recommended usage. Hey, you can even use it multiple times a day if you want—no irritation worries here!

Is panthenol good for the skin?

Research has unveiled its superpower in reducing transepidermal water loss, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and plump. Even a tiny 1% dose of panthenol in skincare products works wonders, leaving your skin feeling incredibly supple and looking oh-so-radiant.

Is panthenol pore clogging?

Fear Not, Panthenol Won't Clog Those Pores!  This incredible ingredient is pore-friendly on its own. Just watch out for products with ultra-emollient or occlusive formulas, as they might have the potential to cause pore congestion. But remember, it's not the fault of our beloved panthenol; it's all about that overall product texture!

Our Feat By You products have got you covered! Our specially formulated products steer clear of ultra-emollient or occlusive formulas, ensuring pore congestion remains a distant memory. 

Alright, time to embrace the power of panthenol and let your skin revel in all its moisturising, soothing glory. Say hello to soft, supple, and happy skin, thanks to this underrated gem! So, are you ready to unleash the panthenol goodness on your skincare routine? Let's do this! 

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