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Article: How to get the best ‘Featured By You’ while you sleep

How to get the best ‘Featured By You’ while you sleep

Are you that person who would win an Olympic gold medal if sleeping or taking a nap was an olympic sport? Or are you an anxious sleeper and remember conversations from 3 months ago the second your head hits the pillow? If you are an over-thinker and don’t tend to have good nights of shut-eye, then this week is dedicated to you! As it’s national sleep week. 

The purpose of this week isn’t to take the week off to try and get in months worth of sleep. However it is to learn about how to relax your mind and body prior to when you head off to bed. There are many routines that you can apply to help with this. 

Such as sleep tea, lavender scents or essential oils in a diffuser, writing your thoughts in a diary to release your thoughts from the day and to slow down your thinking process prior to sleep, and of course your night skincare routine!

How does a good night's shut-eye double up on the right product used for your skin type for your night skincare routine? Well they don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason. 

When we enter deep sleep, our body enters into recovery mode and produces growth hormones. The growth hormones create new cells that help heal our skin from any damage caused during the day, for example damage from UV exposure. This is when your skin barrier goes into recovery mode and does all the hard work of intense repair and regeneration while you rest. 

Let’s have a look at how you can supercharge and boost your sleep so you wake up with your best ‘Featured By You’ complexion. More sleep equals happier looking skin.

As you know, Feat By You skincare products use vegan-friendly, and nature inspired ingredients to help restore your skin’s health. With gentle formulations that are suitable for all skin types. 

This is the perfect night skin routine, to help you relax, signal to your brain that it’s time for your body to release and slowly head into recovery mode. Boosted with skin-loving ingredients and products that restore your skin and regenerate all the goodness required to keep your skin looking and feeling clean, fresh and youthful. 

Step #1: ViTassie pH Balancing Mild Foaming Cleanser


FEAT BY YOU ViTassie pH Balancing Mild Foaming Cleanser is a face wash that clarifies and refreshes your complexion. Using natural, coconut derived surfactants that do not irritate or dry out the skin, it offers a gentle yet effective and thorough cleanse to eliminate impurities, excess sebum and fine dust trapped within the pores. With a slightly acidic pH to restore the skin's optimal balance, this cleanser also helps in maintaining hydration and refining skin texture after cleansing. 

Step #2: ViTassie Pure Mountain Water First Care Toner

FEAT BY YOU ViTassie Pure Mountain Water First Care Toner is a gentle and lightweight toner that combines the benefits of hydrating Tasmanian mountain water and antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plums.

Together, they work by energising and revitalising dull, tired-looking skin, restoring moisture loss after cleansing while calming redness and sensitive skin. At the same time, the slightly viscous texture of this toner also helps rebuild skin barrier to boost its moisture retention abilities.

Step #3: ViTassie Forest Energy Vitamin Ampoule Blemish Solution

FEAT BY YOU ViTassie Forest Energy Vitamin Ampoule Blemish Solution is a revitalising facial ampoule made with Vitamin C and antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum from Australia. It is made with clean, natural and vegan-friendly ingredients that work well to combat blemishes, reduce breakouts and inflammation, and calm redness.

Enriched with beta glucans and allantoin to boost its hydration and soothing effects for longer durations, this lightweight and fast absorbing ampoule works well on all skin types.

Step #4: ViTassie Vita Cica refreshing Gel Cream


FEAT BY YOU ViTassie Vita CICA Refreshing Gel Cream is formulated with Kakadu Plum that is high in antioxidants and Vitamin C to help brighten and energise dull, tired complexion; as well asTasmanian mountain water rich in minerals to replenish hydration and plump skin. 

With a smooth, gel-like texture that leaves a cooling, soothing sensation on the skin, this hydrating facial moisturiser provides long lasting comfort while fighting redness and irritation.

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